Stone’s Throw Farm is a training and lesson program which caters to both adults and children of all level of eventing and dressage.  Many opportunities to participate in clinics, X-C camps, and X-C schoolings are offered periodically.  On-site X-C schooling available.   Every student is able to customize their lesson and training schedule to suite their individual needs.
Unlike most training programs, training rides and lessons are all conducted by Sarah and not a working student or assistant.  Through many years of working with young horses, one of Sarah’s specialties is starting young/ green horses slowly and correctly.  School horses are also available!  Rates are for training/ rides out of Make Your Mark Stables in the Eugene, Oregon area.  Travel fees may apply.








Single Lesson or Training Rate:

  • $55 Private intensive dressage or jumping lesson 45 min.
  • $40 Semi-private intensive dressage or jumping lesson 45 min.
  • $30 Group (3/4 riders) jumping lesson 1 hour
  • $40 Single training ride

**All riding performed by Sarah not by an assistant***

  • $600 Full training  A) 18 rides a month (4/5 rides a week)  B) 8 rides/ 8 lessons a month.
  • $340 1/2 Training, 8 Lessons a month
  • $170, 4 Lessons a month ($42.50 per lesson)
  • $130, 4 training rides ($32.50 per ride)
  • $15 additional fee for school horses
  • $230 Package of 4 school horse required
  • $25 Lungeing
  • $600 Monthly rehab, handled 5 days a week, ridden or hand walked/ grazed once daily.  Additional days- $25 a day.  If twice daily is needed- case by case, additional charges apply.

*All packages to be paid in full by the first of the month to receive the discounted rate, ie. May 1st for May lessons/ rides.  All rides/ lessons to be used by the end of each month.  It is each students responsibility to schedule make-ups or you will lose them.  You can turn a lesson into a training ride but there will be no allowance made for the difference in cost between the 2 rates.  If your horse is lame, special consideration will be made to carry over missed rides/ lessons.





Misc Rates:

  • $50 Cross country schooling
  • $75 Coaching/ Riding at schooling show
  • $120 Coaching at horse trials
  • $40 Per phase at Horse Trials
  • $40 Day rate at show-feeding / stall cleaning per day
  • $40 Braiding
  • $40 Grooming / show prep per day
  • $40 Bathing before the show
  • $40 mane pulling/ face trimming
  • $25 per incidence per hour, 1 hour minimum- Veterinary treatment- leg wrapping, hand walking / grazing, application of salves/ wound cleaning, cold hosing/ icing, foot soaking.  Holding for appointments, vet, farrier, etc.
  • $250 sales video/ picture package, amount discounted from sales commission
  • 10% commission from all sales, $800 minimum

Trailering Rates**:

Inquire about rates.  Generally shared gas among clients plus hourly rate